It’s my birthday! What are you reading?!


Yes, today is my birthday. Happy birthday to all my birthday brothers and sisters out there! And since I wasn’t feeling all that good yesterday, I didn’t get to write my What Are You Reading?? post.

A day late, and possibly a dollar short (especially since I have to pay for the new tire to replace my flat tire I found this morning…. bestest. birthday. present. evah. </end sarcasm>

But here is my list of books for this week! I am surprised I actually got all 4 of last week’s books read (and reviewed). I’ve had a lot of people email me for reviews of their books and interview/tour requests, so if you’ve emailed me, please be patient.

This week’s list of books I’m reading are:

  1. The Last of the Bird People by John Hanson Mitchell
  2. Prophecy Girl by Faith McKay
  3. The King of Winter by Andy Monk
  4. The Advance Guard by Don A. Martinez

I’m hoping to get all four read this week, but I will get at least 2 of them read.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For all of my American followers….

I’ll be cooking a turkey and all the rest of the stuff today. Just three adults and two kids, not many of us, and only an 8 pound turkey. I’m not expecting many leftovers.

Tomorrow I’m going to be working 12 hours at work, so I’m hoping to get a post scheduled to post up sometime tomorrow morning.


100% out of order

No no no, I’m working, so is the site, and its not under construction  but my reading order is 100% out of order.

I started Grieving God’s Way and stopped 2/3 of the way through. It was just too hard to continue it. Almost 2 years after he died, and I found myself sobbing uncontrollably. I could most likely do a review on it now, since it is the same format throughout, but I feel as if it wouldn’t be fair to the author.

Then I started When Angels Fall and that’s got me in its clutches right now, but then….

Then I glanced at The Curses of a Thousand Mothers and Mind Candies for a Lousy Day and found they were both below 30 pages each. So I decided to take the short, simple road and finish those bite-sized bits before I continued onto When Angels Fall.

I’ve finished The Curses of a Thousand Mothers and Mind Candies for a Lousy Day, and I will definitely be writing reviews on them, very soon.

Geek versus nerd: a case study

Okay, I admit it, I’ve been called a geek, and a nerd, mostly a geek, but recently a nerd. Which made me then question…what is the difference?

So from wikihow I found the following article: How to Tell the Difference Between Nerds and Geeks.

Here are the main points:

1. Understanding the terminology:

  • ” a geek could be viewed as someone with an interest or lifestyle having to do with niche activities, especially fandoms such as Doctor Who or the Avengers and technology.”
  • “A nerd could be viewed as someone with an extremely intense interest or fascination in an academic field of study (often an obscure field) or similar cerebral pursuit.”

Here I would like to point out myself and my friend who shall be known here only as Ducky. Yes, you know who you are. I would classify myself as a geek, I would classify him as a nerd (but a very lovable nerd!). Okay, I admit, I am getting a secret thrill out of getting a new computer for Christmas. On the other hand, if you give him any number he could probably (with a 99.999% accuracy rate) tell you something of historical significance that happened in that year.

2. “Jargon versus obscure referencing:

  • “Nerds are unabashed about using jargon or unfamiliar terminology in their dialogue…”
  • “…Geeks will use obscure references abundantly.”

Ducky has been known to name people after strange Roman-esque sounding people who lived in BCE times. I on the other hand was about to give the nickname of Ender to a new co-worker whose name is Arnold, however, Ender’s true name was Andrew, but for the life of me couldn’t remember which it was (brain fart). So I went around work asking everyone, and of course I was getting strange looks because no one there has EVER read Ender’s Game. I also call another co-worker Puck, but expect that reference to go way over his head.

3. “Prominent posessions: Nerds may be more willing than geeks to show off hobbies and possessions that flaunt their intellect, whereas geeks may take pride in more obscure and unique subjects.”

Anyone who has talked to Ducky, or played chess with him, can tell you he flaunts his intellect. But he does it in an unknowing way. It’s just the lovable part of him. He would even give me a queen-rook advantage over him in chess, and still beat the pants off me. Do I take pride in “obscure and unique” subjects? I don’t really know what would be considered obscure and unique, its all normal to me.

4. Conversations: ” If the person fails to respond in a socially comfortable manner (i.e., they make you nervous, or vice versa), you may be talking to a nerd. If they respond in a comfortable manner but appear a little “dorky”, such as speaking and/or acting silly, you might be talking to a geek.”

Recently, Ducky was called a “creepy nerd”. Now he is definitely a nerd, but creepy?! No way! Obviously that person who called him that, whoever the hell s/he is, doesn’t know Ducky. You gotta know Ducky to appreciate him and love him the way we, his friends, do. He’s not exactly the most socially ept person, and he prefers to stay within his own circle of comfortable friends.

Compared to Ducky, I’m a social swan. Compared to most other people however, socially I’m a bumbling idiot. I’ve opened my mouth, inserted foot, and wondered why I was inserting my foot….

5. Interests: Nerds usually go for more cerebral interests, geeks go for more niche-y interests:

Some of the examples given:

  • Nerds like chess (did I mention Ducky could kick my ass on the chessboard even giving me a distinct advantage?!).
  • geeks like things such as LARPing (my character was a dryad by the name of Willow who then became queen of the….nevermind, you probably don’t need to hear all the details), niche activities such as board games (yes, I had a lucky d20 and if you get that reference, you’re probably a geek too)

6. The person in question: ” Matt Blum claims that geeks have no problem falling in love with non-geeks but nerds always fall in love with other nerds.”

  • Did I mention that my husband is a very lovable meat-head who I don’t believe has cracked open a book in 30 years? And he just rolls his eyes when I make some obscure reference to something I watched or read, where as I will just nod my head when he starts spouting off his non-football related sports facts.
  • Ducky has finally found a compatible match in a female. YAY Ducky!

So, I think I can finally sit back and proudly pronounce, without a hint of doubt….


T-0 and counting! I’ve been waiting for this day for months!

For all of my readers (because the international ones will be affected by today’s results too)….I am glad to remind you that today is Election Day in the US. As if you wouldn’t know when the millions upon millions of advertisements on TV, radio, internet haven’t already super-saturated us months ago and made all of us eager for today to arrive.

So why did I choose this particular image? I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader, and today we’ll be having a meeting. After the meeting, I’ll be bringing my little Brownie to vote with me.

For everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy

Everyone out there in these areas, and the areas that are being affected by Hurricane Sandy, be careful and get prepared! Yes, I’m including myself in that, since I live right near Boston. We’ve cleaned up the backyard. We haven’t heard anything from the superintendent of schools yet about school closures, but I am expecting it.

I’ll still somehow get to work, and work in it. But everyone else, be careful, and check in afterwards!

A day of rest

Tuesday I woke up at 1:45 AM, and worked from 3a-3p, then rushed to a meeting with my Girl Scout toop parents. I got home, got my kids through their homework, dinner, and playtime before puting them to bed. Finally! almost 20 hours of non-sleep loomed behind me and I was eager to hit the sack. And then my youngest started screaming and crying, with an ear infection. A dark and stormy night blew outside, and though Daddy could surely take care of his little one while I finally slept, the precious sleep eluded me while the house sounded like it would blow away. Finally at 11 PM, I broke down and bought the little one to the hospital….nothing I was doing was helping and Daddy wasn’t able to fix it either.

A few hours, and lots of ibuprofen later, and I was bringing a quiet little one back home to sleep. And I knew I wasn’t going to be any good at work with 3 hours of sleep in 36 hours. So I called into work and slept the rest of the day  asleep till 1 PM.

I did get to finish reading A Ranger’s Tale, and am about to start on Serenya’s Song. I’ll get the review out for that one tonight.

Fall is almost here!

Preseason football has started….my beloved Saints lost to my second favorite Patriots by one point. Baseball season is starting to wind down, with the Boston Red Sox closer to the end of the pack than the leaders. Summer Olympics are coming to a close with the USA pulling ahead of China in medal count to dominate once more.

With fall almost here and football starting, my crochet hooks have been dusted off, and a new crochet pattern taken out so that a blanket can be made for my older daughter.

I finished Dance With the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and am starting Ender’s Game. I’ve been tempted to start this book more times than I can count, and I’m only disappointed that I didn’t read it sooner.

Speaking of books, I’m juggling the idea of interviewing an author. Maybe I can get Jane Etarie, or pull a friend who has published a book.

I love my three year old

K is an amazing three year old. I’m not going to go into a melodramatic maternal smoosh fest and expect you to even think she’s the best three year old in the entire world. Hell, there are times when I head to the aspirin and Xanax when she gets into her three year old “moments”.She has definitely kept me on my toes more than my 6 year old did at her age.

She’s artistic….right after my husband painted her room “Rocker Girl” purple, she found the matching crayon and scribbled on her white light switch plate….and her hardwood floor……lesson: crayon is washable. Thank God it wasn’t one of my holy Sharpies. That would have taken isopropyl alchohol. And I’m all out!

She’s intelligent…..her inflatable flower that she won at the amusement park yesterday had deflated. She bought it to me with the sad puppy dog look. After my face had turned blue and I was huffing and puffing trying to get a second breath to continue blowing it up, she looked at me and said, “Mommy its still empty.” Nooooooo, really? Just let the room stop spinning and Mommy will continue.

She’s an experimental chef…..She changed the recipe of chocolate milk to include salt and pepper from the shakers. Unfortunately, it was a failed experiment that didn’t taste quite so well….I can tell by the gleam in her eyes, she’s wondering if salt and pepper added to Mommy’s first cup of coffee (while Mommy’s still bleary eyed and walking around like a zombie) will be a better choice. It won’t work so well in the second cup.

Only a few more months till she turns 4, and the torrential threes will be over.