It’s Monday! What are you reading?

So I finished The Protectors last night. You’ll see my review tomorrow morning. Its already written and scheduled to be posted at midnight. Really really good crime/thriller book! Bernard is a great writer, and if you haven’t read his stuff, I highly suggest putting some of his stuff on your TBR shelf.

But now…I don’t know what to read….this happens every single month! I sign up for a bunch of ARCs, get a whole bunch of books, then either get overwhelmed by the sheer multitude, or am fighting madly to make the deadlines I promised the author.

I do have a ton and a half of books on my TBR shelf that I want to read just for fun. I’m looking through all my notes, and I think I’ve reviewed everything I have to review. If I haven’t and you’re waiting on a review from me, let me know. My email address for contact is on one of the upper tabs.

Anyone have any suggestions? As you can tell, I’m up for anything, from non-fiction to crime thrillers, to sci-fi, YA fantasy, and paranormal romance.


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