REVIEW: Children of Sun and Moon by Matt Larkin

Title: Children of Sun and Moon

Series: Skyfall Trilogy

Author: Matt Larkin
Published Date: July 29, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: ebook
Pages: 188
ISBN: 147833214X
ISBN13: 978-1478332145
Copy provided by: Librarything Early Reviewers
Genre: fiction, fantasy, YA
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Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 3 1/2 stars
Synopsis: The Lunar King bargained his daughter away in marriage to end generations of war between the two dynasties of the Skyfall Isles. The King sends his niece Chandi along as handmaid to his daughter. Chandi has two tasks: watch over her cousin, and spy on the Solars. The Solars cost her everything she cares about, and now she wants nothing more than proof of their treachery so she can go home.
She knows little of spying, but the blood of the Moon God running through her veins gives her powers mortals can’t match, powers that let her slip into places she’s not supposed to be. Of course, the more she uses her powers, the faster she becomes a lunatic.
When she discovers a Solar soldier, Naresh, watching her, she decides to return the favor and stick close to him. But as he shows her the wonders of the domed underwater city, she begins to realize the Solars are not what she thought. Soon, she’ll have to choose between loyalty to her people and her own heart.

Review: I had high hopes for this book. Other people have given it really good reviews, and I was eagerly expecting a great book. I’ve read alot worse, but there was just so much going on in the book, it was just too much for one book. Main plot, subplot, 5 main characters, side characters plus their backstories, a culture and terminology that wasn’t well explained….it all led to a rather confusing book. Passages of time seemed to be dumped on the reader without much explanation.
The story is an epic fantasy that melds magic, religion and science. The fight scenes are great, with lots of action and description, but for instance in the begining, the reader isn’t given enough to really feel badly for the main character when she is forced into something she’d rather not do.
Overall, the book fell short. I was hoping for more. More description of the characters and culture, less telling and expecting the reader to just know.

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