REVIEW: Lost Princess: The Journey Home

Title/Author: Lost Princess: The Journey Home by Julie Rainey


Rating: 2 stars

I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Did you ever read, or hear of that story of the baby that was rocketed from another planet to Earth, right before the destruction of the planet/land, only to be found by the childless couple and raised as their own? Oh, and let’s add in a stylyzed S in there for good measure just in case you didn’t know who I was talking about….

Superman? Oh no, I’m not talking about Superman! I’m talking about this book I just read. Oh, but it is so similar to Superman to be eerie, isn’t it?

Past reviews of this book have said that there wasn’t enough showing, only telling…
His pants and shirt were as black as coal, a perfect depiction of the blackness of its wearer’s heart. Behind him a scarlet red cape billowed in the wind, signifying the trail of blood he left in his wake. His face was hard and emotionless as were his coal black eyes. This was the most evil man in all the heavens, it was Drakeon.


This is a pretty good representation of that. The reader isn’t shown what Drakeon does that’s so bad, we don’t feel any true sympathy for the people that are affected by the change in leadership. Throughout the book there are only two people I feel sympathy for…the adopted parents of Anne (aka Isabelle), because the daughter they’ve raised since a baby has just turned her back on them and gone off to another world she’s never seen.

And the book doesn’t get any better as it continues.


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