REVIEW: Hey God Are You Really Really Up There? by Malcom Perkins

Title/Author: Hey God Are You Really Really Up There? by Malcom Perkins

ISBN: 0805960899

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

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Rating: 3 stars

Synopsis: I am an old friend of the storyteller, so I surely feel that I can voice my opinion about his story. Extraordinary, is the only way to describe it. It should be read by everybody – by nonbelievers and by believers – by rabbis and
priests – by old people and by young people. It’s not a difficult book, and it’s
not a zillion pages either. It’s in the perfect sense, simply a book’s book, if
you know what I mean. It’s about thee question – a question that has haunted and
plagued mankind since the very beginning of time. Hey, my old friend the
storyteller, is just an average guy – like you or like me. He lived in Kansas,
had a wonderful family, a terrific job, lots of friends and loads of dreams.
Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, in a six-month period, in the 34th year of his
young life, or as many seconds as 34 years would come to, it all came crashing
to a dead halt. My old friend’s name is Walter, not Wally and for sure, not
junior. And best he can, as he tells his story, he tries real hard to answer
that question – thee question. Is there? or isn’t there?

Review: I received a complimentary copy of Hey God Are You Really Really Up There? by Malcom Perkins as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team. Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

It’s a book, a fictional biography about a man who had a really crappy 6 month run in his 34th year of life. And he questions whether God exists or not, but if he looks back at it, half of the crap that he went through was self-inflicted. I really felt this should have been more inspiring than it was. We’ve all been through crap, we’ve all lost people, whether it was expected or not, drawn out or sudden, elderly father or newborn. I was really hoping I could read this book and say to myself, “Self, you’ve had a crappy life, but look at this guy, he had it so much worse than you!” And I can’t do that because he hasn’t.

But I did learn one thing….some people are weak, and they can’t search within themselves and find that resilience and strength, so they look to the bottle and the drugs and hope that it will be the magical elixir to take away the pain. I hope anyone who reads this book will come away knowing that external fixes don’t fix, drugs and alcohol don’t take away the pain.

You lose someone dear to you, like I did almost 2 years ago, and there’s no way to get over the pain, or go around it, or avoid it. My sister asked me as we were about to go into the funeral home, “Are you ready?” I looked at her and answered, “If I’m not, is it going to take away the past few days and make him live again?” You take one step at a time, one moment at a time, sometimes just one breath at a time, and you realise that life does indeed go on, whether it feels right or not.

So yeah, the book was just… meh.


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