Books ahead of me, books behind me

This past week I haven’t gotten much time to read. But I have received books to read. These are the books ahead of me that need to be read and reviewed:

  1. The Lost Princess: The Journey Home by Julie Rainey
  2. Meant for Her by Amy Gamet
  3. Hey God — Are You Really Really Up There? by Malcom Perkins

I still have to receive:

  1. I’ll Put 3 Chips On God – just in case there is one by Preeti Gupta
  2. The Curses of a Thousand Mothers – How we Pursue Joyful Sins by Thejendra B.S. (book not on Goodreads yet)
  3. Mind Candies for a Lousy Day – A Short and Snappy Guide by Thejendra B.S. (not on Goodreads yet)



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