A day of rest

Tuesday I woke up at 1:45 AM, and worked from 3a-3p, then rushed to a meeting with my Girl Scout toop parents. I got home, got my kids through their homework, dinner, and playtime before puting them to bed. Finally! almost 20 hours of non-sleep loomed behind me and I was eager to hit the sack. And then my youngest started screaming and crying, with an ear infection. A dark and stormy night blew outside, and though Daddy could surely take care of his little one while I finally slept, the precious sleep eluded me while the house sounded like it would blow away. Finally at 11 PM, I broke down and bought the little one to the hospital….nothing I was doing was helping and Daddy wasn’t able to fix it either.

A few hours, and lots of ibuprofen later, and I was bringing a quiet little one back home to sleep. And I knew I wasn’t going to be any good at work with 3 hours of sleep in 36 hours. So I called into work and slept the rest of the day  asleep till 1 PM.

I did get to finish reading A Ranger’s Tale, and am about to start on Serenya’s Song. I’ll get the review out for that one tonight.


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