REVIEW: The Silver Earth Seed by Grant Morris

Title/Author: The Silver Earth Seed by Grant Morris

ISBN: 1463767692

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Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads synopsis: Twelve-year-old Arnold Cook has lost his memory. His only clues are the strange clothing he’s wearing and the mysterious lights that appeared in the night sky above where he was found, unconscious, in the small town of Seaburgh.
Arnold soon discovers he isn’t an ordinary boy. An ordinary boy couldn’t atomize the school bully, reducing him to a pile of dust. Or make an out of this world pool shot that would baffle the pros. With the help of a determined social worker and a zany vice-principal, Arnold learns his true identity and the vital role he plays in safeguarding the welfare of all dimensions.
The Silver Earth Seed is a middle grade/young adult fantasy book. Also for those of us adults who enjoy a good fantasy adventure into other worlds filled with magic!

Review: I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I’m always a little leery of reading middle grade books for review, simply because sometimes I think that I could be a litle too harsh on the author. This was a great book though, and it was a great introduction to science fiction for middle graders.  It had some really good fantasy parts to it, a little science fiction mixed in there, great writing. There were a few typos in there, but not enough to bug me.

If you’ve got a middle grader that you want to introduce to science fiction and fantasy without being too overwhelming, this book is a great start!


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