It’s Monday!

Today is Monday, and I’ve got Ender’s Game on my Nook, waiting to be continued.

For those of you who haven’t read it, it starts out with a 6 year old boy, Andrew Wiggin, AKA Ender, in a future society, being tested as a possible future savior of humanity against the alien race who has already attacked Earth once before.

As good as it is, I cringed at the following:

Ender decided that Alai was joking. “Hey, we can’t all be niggers.” Alai grinned. “My grandpa would’ve killed you for that.”

“My great great Grandpa would’ve sold him first.”

Are you kidding me? What 6 year old knows about slavery and speaks of it so casually, with such racial slurs? In fact, I just turned to my 6 year old and asked her, “Do you know what slavery is?”

She shook her head no.


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