Not a bad day today overall…..

ImageWork was so slow it was almost boring. I was glad to get home, even if it meant to the rambunction kidlets. I still wonder about that man on Friday, but nothing has been posted on the internet on the police logs yet.

Last night I posted a page here about my reading challenges that I’m participating in this year. One of the challenges says to read a book outside of your comfort zone. Well, I have picked up a zombie book, and I am not comfortable with it. Vamps, I’m cool with, werewolves I can handle….walking dead bodies, aka zombies…I’ll run the other way, thank you very much. Maybe it stems from my grandmother’s funeral  17 years ago when we had some awful flooding happen in New Orleans at the time (see: May 8th floods of 1995). Yeah, we were having her funeral at the time, and I was terrified the lights would go out.

There’s just something creepy about being in the dark with a dead body. So, in essence, I’m terrified of zombies, dead bodies (whether human or otherwise), and I certainly can’t touch them.


2 thoughts on “Not a bad day today overall…..

  1. Zombies don’t bother me. Ghosts do. lol. I’m not sure if I believe in them… but living in Gettysburg… I guess I should. Thanks for stopping by my blog! happy Reading! Oh and what Zombie book did you pick up? have you read it yet?

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