REVIEW: Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy

Title: Cat Daddy: How One Very Special Cat Fixed One Very Broken Man

Author: Jackson Galaxy

ISBN: 1585429376

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

This book is basically the story of how a struggling musician addicted to legal and illegal drugs as well as alchohol became a cat behaviorist. Its a good story. It has some really good tidbits thrown in there about cat behavior, some things which I shared with my mother in law who has her very own cat from hell. The author shares his fight to become clean and stay clean.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I took out this book from the library. More cat behavior stuff, less detail about his relationships with girls and drugs. You can tell the author is definitely not a writer, but the story comes across with an honesty that is admirable. And yes, the end had me bawling like a baby.


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy

  1. I love his show. My cat has a huge ego and is sometimes evil so it’s always good to watch him teach other people with a cat like mine. I may have to read this book because I had no idea about his background until I read your post. Thanks!

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