Long week

Its been a very long week at work, which capped at a very interested time as I was leaving work yesterday. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I had to stop for an elderly man crossing in front of me. He was probably early to mid 70s, a shock of white hair, and white as milk. How did I know? He wasn’t wearing a shirt. This bothered me, the whole shirtless thing. Now there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with men going shirtless outside, even in their 70s and 80s, but this guy’s skin was so pale, it was obvious that he wasn’t one of those guys that spends their time walking around outside shirtless on a daily basis.

I fought with myself for ten minutes as I drove home, before I finally pulled over and called the police to just check on him. I hope they found him, and I hope that I was just being concerned for no reason, that he really was just a regular old man going out for a walk in 76 degree weather right before it was supposed to rain. But, on the off chance that he was a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient that had escaped his caregivers, I hope he was found and is getting the care he needs right now.

I still have the review for Cat Daddy to write up. I’ll do that next. I’m currently reading Hood by Stephen Lawhead.

The girls are doing good. Back to school sales are going on right now at Walmart (and probably Target and KMart) for school supplies, so if you’ve got a kid in school, now’s the time to pick up those notebooks for only 19 cents, the crayons for only 50 cents. Heck, if you’re a crafter that uses those things, now’s the time to stock up!!!! Geez, I can’t believe I’ve got a second grader!


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